Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tea Party

Last year, when Kaiti spent a week during the summer at Grandma's house, they got to have a tea party. This year, she wanted to do it again. Kaiti and Grandma made all sorts of wonderful delicacies . . . finger sandwiches . . . . chocolate dipped fruit . . . bon bons . . . lemonade and tea -herbal - of course.

Our good friends Rebekah and Elizabeth from Tucson were visiting so they were also invited to the party.

They got all dressed up in fancy clothes. Grandma even let them wear Great-Grandma's hats, furs and jewelry. They looked lovely. All of the girl cousins got to come.

Kaiti is quite an accomplished hostess.

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Callie said...

So cute! I bet Grandma loves it as much as the girls do!