Friday, June 27, 2008

Favorite Story of the Week . . . so far

When I have time to blog, I don't have anything to write about. When I am doing all sorts of fun things with the children, I don't have the time to blog. Such is my dilemma.
This week is the Lehi Round-Up. My home town's week-long community pride celebration. It's my favorite week of the year and I do intend to write about it . . . later. My brother Crazy-Uncle-Tony has been in town and related the following tale:
Crazy-Uncle-Tony and his daughter Abby went for a walk and Crazy-Uncle-Tony ran into a spider web. As he brushed the spider off he said "I hope that wasn't a radioactive spider, if it was I might turn into Spiderman."
Abby responded: "Yeah, Spider Old Man." Then she began to sing "Spider Old Man, Spider Old Man Does whatever a Spider Old Man can. Can he swing on a web? Probably. But he'd hurt his back . . ."
I'm so proud of my niece.

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Maren said...

Hey Cheryl--so fun to hear how you've been doing! I didn't know you moved to Cedar Hills. I was hoping to get some story details from Cai's autobiography, but he stopped in Arizona! Anyway, I'm sure there are many members in Cedar Hills, but if you meet Carolyn Hamilton, she's my aunt.