Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Power of Marketing . . .

As I mentioned before, I considered the book signing tickets and 630 page book my Mother's Day gift. (Bill had other ideas, but more on that later.)
While I was driving home Ellie and I had the following conversation:
E: "Is that book your Mother's Day present?"
Me: "Yes. I am very excited about it."
E: "I don't think it's a very good present. You should go to Jared's."
Me: "What? What's Jared's?"
E: "I don't know. But they have the best diamonds."
Me: "What makes you say that?"
E: "A commercial said it. And you don't have very much jewelry. People who wear jewelry look beautiful and you look . . . not so beautiful. You need to go to Jared's."

I didn't go to Jared's. I am okay with not being so beautiful. But I did get an additional mother's day gift: a Roomba - it's a robotic vacuum. I have wanted one for years. This one even cleans hard floors. I am very excited to give my mop a rest.

P.S. I am almost finished reading "The Host". A very good book. I can't wait to hear Stephenie Meyers talk about why she wrote it.


Hilary said...

That is hilarious. I'm about halfway through The Host. It's not my favorite, but I am enjoying it.

Lauren said...

Cheryl - I cant believe how much you read and get done with five kids - you are such an inspiration! I am always looking for a good book - will have to pick up 'The Host.'

The Jared's commercials make me want to throw up. If D bought me jewelry (unless it was from Tiffanys, Cartiers, etc...) I don't think I would be too happy - would rather sleep in for a morning:)