Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seven Children for the Day

I intended to create one post per child before beginning any other topics. But that clearly didn't happen. Caious is writing an autobiography for school. When it is finished, I will post the best parts.
Until then I thought I recount the events of Spring Break.

I was lucky enough to be asked to watch my two nieces for the day. They are technically my grandnieces because their dad is my nephew, but I am only 4 years older than he is, so it just easier to refer to them as nieces.

The Princess is 5 years old and loves, dancing, drama and everything pink. Almost exactly the opposite of Ellie. The Baby is 4 moths old and the happiest, most content little sweetheart I have ever met. She only cried when she was hungry (or when Brianna kicked her . . . sorry about that). I learned quite a few things that day.

Number one: caring for an infant is much easier after a good night's sleep.

Number Two: More children means more playmates. All of the children had a great time playing games together.

Katiti was a pro at feeding and cuddling The Baby.

Suddenly, I was not bombarded with complaints of "I'm bored" or "Can I play on the computer" or " Can we watch t.v?" or "MOM!" I didn't need to referee, entertain or administer punishment (aside from the aforementioned head-kicking incident). My main responsibility was keeping tummies full and diapers clean. I was more than happy to comply.

Number three:

Equals This:

As unbelievable as it may seem, once the little ones went to sleep the rest of us cleaned the basement and (for the first time ever) organized the toys. With that huge project out of the way and bananas rotting on the counter, The Princess and I made yummy banana bread for a snack. She is quite the baker.

It was a good day. I know it was a pain for my nephew to drive all the way to our home to drop his little girls off, but we hope we get to play with them again.


Hilary said...

How fun! What cute girls.

Callie said...

Ohhh- I miss them!!! and it's all so true- Erin does love to cook and I bet she had a fabulous time. Emmy is getting so big! and your kids are so cute, that's so fun for them to have cousin's all over the place to play with!

Rosemary said...

You are amazing! If I had been watching 7 kids, no matter how cute, things would not have gone nearly as well . . . no clean basement, no yummy bread. I'm inspired.

Alby said...

Love the Blog! Looks like you have everything under control even with additional children!!! Good for you. Let me know when I can drop off my boys!
Kidding -