Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

So . . . on earth day I thought I'd find out if baking soda and 1/2 lime could clean as well as the cleaner I usually use. Also, I wondered if it would be easier on my hands than the harsh chemicals.
The answer is yes . . . and no. But at least I tried something different. The bathroom seems about as clean. I must say the lime was a refreshing scent and the baking soda was very easy to rinse. But sadly my hands are still a rough, cracked mess.
At least I tried . . .


Anonymous said...

Just found out you have a blog and had to read the entire thing in one sitting. Fortunately you didn't start that long ago and reading the whole thing was manageable.

I can't believe how big "E" is! All of your kids for that matter. So great to see up-to-date photos!

Finally, if baking soda and lime juice works just as well as harsher chemicals, why not use them all the time? Not that I can comment. But hey, I do recycle.

Hilary said...

Is it illegal to use rubber gloves on earth day?

jhmorris said...

You tried! Good enough!