Friday, May 1, 2009

At Least They Are Dressed

My cousin used to scoff at the children who would accompany their mothers in public dressed strangely. She hated to see a little boy with shorts cowboy boots and a cape trailing his mother through the store. Then she had a few boys of her own. Now she is just happy they are dressed.

With five children to care for, that is exactly how I feel.

One of Brianna's best creations: A lovely tie-dyed t-shirt and her "rainbow" pants under two (yes, two) swimming suits. The look is completed by her lovely fluffy hair style. Note: I didn't take her out in public dressed like that. I made her put the swimming suits away and I convinced her to let me tame her hair . . . a little bit.

The rest of the children were lucky enough to get colored hairspray at the end-of-year school carnival.

Kaiti wanted blue.

Caious went a more patriotic with red and blue to compliment his white hair.

Ellie picked green with blue highlights. (The official school colors of Wilson K-8, a school she doesn't attend, even though she loves wearing her brother's hand-me-down shirt.)

Brianna went with pink. What else?


Maren said...

I'm so with you on the at least they are dressed standard. Amy gets really creative combinations too, and people will ask me, "Did she dress herself?" A little offensive, did they think that I picked out the outfit?!!?

JoEllen said...

You SHOULD have taken her out like that. She is a treasure!!! It's not like you're on tv or something. People need to see her creative genius. My little sister used to love her swimming suits too.

We love multicolored hair too. Our carnival got canceled due to swine flu (along w/ Field Day, Parent lunches, field trips, etc... just all the fun stuff)

Callie said...

I Love the color choices that each of them made! Very individual. Bi is so fun! I miss you being closer and and fun we had when we wereboth in the same state!

Kimberly said...

I have a photo of Samantha in winter boots, a tutu, a beach hat, and a diaper. Nothing else. She was so proud.