Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

School began today.

Kaiti is now in 6th grade, Caious is in 4th grade and Andrew is in 2nd grade.

They have great teachers and came home excited about the great school year ahead.
Here they are modeling their new clothes. I actually remembered to take photos of the first day of school.
Ellie doesn't start school for another week. Brianna and I are glad to have her home for another week, but she is very anxious to get her formal education underway.
Bill was home (hooray) so for Family Home Evening we got shaved ice for a treat and played at the park. It was such a beautiful night. We had a great time.


Kimberly said...

That can't be Kaiti. Kaiti is a little girl. That looks like some random young teen you grabbed at the local mall by accident.

Seriously, that can't be Kaiti.

Cheryl said...

It's true that is actually Kaiti, although she occasionally acts like some random teen . . . Most of the "attitude" in that look comes from her being annoyed that I still made her do chores even though she went to school that day.

The Hinjew Crew said...

Woah! Those kids got older over night! How did that happen? That won't happen to me...right? Right!?!