Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School - Part Two

Ellie started Kindergarten today. Now four-fifths of my children are in school. Lucky for me they all go the the same school and all start the day at the same time. Kindergarten is only 1/2 day here. That makes Brianna happy because she really misses her buddy when she is gone.

I was able to talk her into a pink shirt to go with the camo pants and backpack

Ellie adores her teacher. She was very excited her homework today was to eat a samll bag of Skittles. I hope that is a one-time occurrence and not a daily activity.

The older children are getting into the routine (more or less). Actual homework is beginning this week for 2nd and 6th grades. Caious (in 4th grade) has been promised one more easy week before the real work begins.

Wish us all luck.


Maren said...

sorry, cheryl, you made a mistake this picture is NOT of ellie. ellie has a little round baby face and button nose and she gives herself her own haircuts. this tall, attractive girl who actually fits the backpack she is wearing (to kindergarten of all places!) must be someone else. i swear i don't even recognize her!

Meta said...

Ellie is cutie! I also remember her cutting a chunk out of the top of her hair - oh wait, was that a result of one of the brother's playing barber shop? :)