Friday, May 1, 2009

At Least They Are Dressed

My cousin used to scoff at the children who would accompany their mothers in public dressed strangely. She hated to see a little boy with shorts cowboy boots and a cape trailing his mother through the store. Then she had a few boys of her own. Now she is just happy they are dressed.

With five children to care for, that is exactly how I feel.

One of Brianna's best creations: A lovely tie-dyed t-shirt and her "rainbow" pants under two (yes, two) swimming suits. The look is completed by her lovely fluffy hair style. Note: I didn't take her out in public dressed like that. I made her put the swimming suits away and I convinced her to let me tame her hair . . . a little bit.

The rest of the children were lucky enough to get colored hairspray at the end-of-year school carnival.

Kaiti wanted blue.

Caious went a more patriotic with red and blue to compliment his white hair.

Ellie picked green with blue highlights. (The official school colors of Wilson K-8, a school she doesn't attend, even though she loves wearing her brother's hand-me-down shirt.)

Brianna went with pink. What else?