Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Toddler's Photo Essay

Technically, Brianna is still a toddler because she is 3 years old. However anyone who has ever met her knows she has never been a baby. I think of her as 3 going on 30.
She loves to take photos. One day she found my camera and took a bunch of pictures of our house. Instead of deleting them, I thought I'd publish what the world looks like to someone who is 3 1/2 feet tall.

The entry way. (Artwork by Caious and Andrew)

Living room bookcase. (Made by Bill)

Her treasured hand-me-down backpack from our neighbors. For some reason, she put it in the master bedroom.

Roomba sweeping the hallway.

Wow. Roomba looks much bigger than usual.

Her little brother is a favorite subject. (This was actually taken in late October. That's why he looks so much more alert.)


Maren said...

Your house is so clean. I need to get me a Roomba.

ViperMerge said...

Wow! I love the "giant" perspective of everything in out house. What a great photo essay. You are so cleaver and creative...only two of the many reasons I'm so glad I married you.