Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Spectacular 4th of July

Independence Day in Tucson can be an interesting experience.
Some years it is unbearably hot.
Some years it rains.
This year, we had both the heat and the rain - in the same day.
The unusual weather produced this:

This was taken in our cul-de-sac while we were on our way to the ward party. This ward has an awesome party at our Relief Society President's home. They have a fantastic back yard that includes a pool, a guest house, a basketball court, a trampoline and enough grass for 150 people to dine in comfort.

Kaiti and Ellie participated in the entertainment. Ellie sang "You're a Grand Old Flag" with gusto. Kaiti sang "Proud To Be an American" with the rest of the young women (we missed the photo opportunity because the baby needed a diaper change). They sounded fantastic.

Independence day would not be complete without our traditional 'fireworks' cookies. (spritz colored red white and blue). Bill loves spritz cookies. So I make these every year for him. Unfortunately for him, it takes about 360 days for me to forget how much I hate making these cookies. So I only makes these once a year.

We rounded out our celebration at a barbecue with friends and family and watching the local fireworks . . . from a comfortable distance.

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