Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Brianna Dear . . .

Brianna is now 3 years old.

For her birthday dinner she chose grilled salmon, rice and broccoli because: "Oh. I love broccoli."

Grandma Kathleen baked and decorated a Winne the Pooh cake for her.
A word to the wise: if you are making a Winne the Pooh cake, it's worth the effort to get the Wilton brand official Winne the Pooh food coloring. We had a slight food-coloring mishap and the "Pooh" cake turned into what the boys called a "poop" cake. It was still very tasty.

Our good friends, the Mitchell's came over to celebrate with us.

and showered her with gifts. Like Hannah Montanna lip gloss and candy.

Her brothers gave her a pink ball and her parents gave her a brand new bike (not pictured). She was delighted with everything.

The celebration continued the next day when Grandma and Grandpa Drake came to visit.

They gave her an adorable outfit, two great books . . .

and a toy that makes bath time so much fun.

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