Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Abby Fest

The birthday girl.

Because of my nice Callie's wedding, my brother (Crazy Uncle Tony) and his family came to town. His delightful daughter, Abby celebrated her 10th birthday with the whole family.
The doll cake. (The little cake in the foreground says 'Happy Birthday Abby'. It was just the right height for Brody - the cake lover - to reach.)

Grandma Kathleen put together an incredible party. She made a complete meal for 50, a doll cake and homemade root beer.

Crazy Uncle Tony dolling out advice to his young and impressionable nephews.

Everyone was encouraged to wear costumes. All of the children did. Crazy Uncle Tony, his wife Aunt Kiwi and Grandpa Buddy were the only adults who dressed up.
Karlee the witch and Emmy the monkey.
We even got to have the party in the new garage. It was the perfect place to break the pinata and have a great time. Abby said is was a great party.
Tyler as Zac Efron. Hey, get a haircut and I will stop saying you look like him . . .
. . . and you won't have to deal with the paparazzi.

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